Farmhousestyling Boys Bedrooms

Farmhouse Boys Bedrooms

Farmhousestyling Boys Bedrooms are versatile from baby’s nursery, toddler, pre-teens to teenagers. These rooms are cosy, charming, warm and inviting and very much the place to hangout and have fun.

There are many ways you can have a farmhouse Boys bedroom from baby to teenager, you can theme a room around your child’s favourite sports, hobbies, super heros, characters, animals and so on and still give this space a farmhouse vibe to blend in with the rest of your farmhouse design.

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BEDS – wrought iron beds for a more industrial, vintage or traditional style, timber for a rustic style, padded for a modern flair. You can also use a padded bed with plaid or gingingham material for a beautiful traditional feel. Heavy timber or diy bed for a Rustic design. Timber and pipe bed for a rustic industrial vibe. Corrugated iron and pipes for an industrial themed room.

A unique bed made from old cars, trucks, tractors, boats or a tree house bed, cabin bed, wilderness bed, tent bed, barn bed. Bunk beds, using a rustic ladder, turn these bunks into a barn or a wilderness adventure, there are so many possibilities to these rooms and your imagination will be full steam ahead.

STORAGE – Storage is always a problem in any bedroom, with planing and organising done before you start a room will solve most storage solutions. By just adding wheels onto crates and timber boxes or tubs will allow for easy roller away storage for under the bed. Wire baskets on walls free up floor space, wire baskets come in a multitude of sizes and styles, they  are great for storing, games, sports equipment, teddys, books, magazines, and most other toys.

Turn a old or unused tool trolley or cart into a usable storage dresser or cupboard for clothes and toys. Turn an old locker into a great robe for hanging clothes and by adding shelves this too is great for t-shirts, shorts, socks and jocks.

Old metal draws turned into cubby holes for storage, timber shelves held up by black pipes look great and is another useful storage place for trophies and medals. Using shelving in corners make for a great reading corner.

Using wire baskets in the nursery beside the change table is useful for nappies, lotions and all your baby products, keeping everything nice and tidy and within arms reach. Using a old dresser and giving it a new life as a change table with shelving underneath gains much needed storage. Using crates and baskets around your change table is very handy and gives you storage, these extra storage ideas will give your nursery some farmhouse flare as well. There are many ways you can get maximum storage for your nursery.

Having a window seats gives you storage underneath and a place to sit, relax and chat with friends. Open shelving, floating shelves are great for small rooms, these types of shelves won’t make the room feel closed in. Book shelves are another form of storage, of course for books, but for displaying collections, hobbies and bits and pieces. Shelving comes in a lot of different designs, so finding a design for your room should be easy and fun, you can even diy your own.

A full wall of storage custom built around a window will give the room a beautiful design element. Using skate boards as shelving will throw out the cool vibes. Large sacks look good for storing toys, old scooters turned into shelves is another pretty cool idea.

STUDY AREA – A space in their room assigned for homework and study. Giving this space the same design elements as the rest of the bedroom will give this study area a wow factor. Ideas you can use for a great study area.

A beautiful plank of timber suspended by thick rope, a flip out desk is a great idea for smaller room, a traditional sturdy timber desk always gives that farmhouse feel. Add wire baskets, tin buckets, crates and canisters to store supplies, hanging them on the wall will give you more space on the desk.

A pin board made from a timber or metal frame, backed by chicken wire makes a pretty cool board for clipping your notes or hanging interesting stuff on. Diy desks always give you a great design elements in the bedroom. Make this area fun and interesting and useful and you just might crack the code to having a child who is prepared to do their homework happily.

DECOR –  My favourite part of the design process where the fun begins. Use a whole wall as a visual display, let the wall tell a story about this Farmhouse boys bedroom. Use different textures and patterns, photos, arrows, animal heads ( fake of course), frame words, letters, numbers, maps, stars, turn a wall into a black/white board. Flags, diy wooden frames and add horse shoes, a number or letter or the child’s name, frame their favourite sport or hobby, baseball, mitt, cars, trucks, super or sporting hero, map out an entire wall for the adventurer. The sky is the limit when display a wall as art and it makes a great impact when you walk in.

Turn a baseball bat into a coat and hat hook or to hang objects off. Tent and tepee’s are always fun, design a adventure room with the great out doors, a room designed around the solar system, a room designed around their super hero’s, dedicate an intire wall to their super hero.

Using susbtle hints of farmhouse designs in a more sophisticated teenagers room. Using corrugated iron as a feature wall will give you a rustic vibe, windmills, even tyres repainted and used as shelving will give a Industrial feel, barn doors, fuel pumps all add to create a great room.

Lights and lamps are another way you can add to your farmhouse design, lamps from old trucks, cars, tractors, boats, tins look great. Lights hanging from ropes, old metal buckets, tin pails, old lanterns, Mason jars, world globes, space rocket light, turn your skate board into a really cool light.

Art and pictures on their wall displaying passions of trucks, cars, Lego, construction, astronauts, pirates, sports, zoo animals, farm animals, number plates and old street signs make a great display. Music signs and instruments look really awesome on their walls, even a garbage can makes a great clothes hamper.

If you have the space another good idea is to have a table and chairs for arts and crafts. Most teen boys love a basket ball hoop in their room.  A skate board mirror is very trendy. Dinosaurs are always popular with younger boys, hot air balloons, animals used to tie back curtains is so cute, you can go really extreme and build a rock climbing wall in their room.

The list is endless, the above is only the beginning. There are many more wonderful and creative ideas for a great farmhouse boys bedroom.

A few more ideas you may like.

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Farmhousestyling Industrial Kitchens

Farmhouse Industrial Kitchens

Farmhouse Industrial Kitchens are definitely one of my favourite kitchens, so bold yet so elegant, these kitchens make their presence felt as soon as you walk in.

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Farmhouse Industrial Kitchens can have many statement features, yet they don’t cancel each other out like most others. Their decor is selected carefully to complement the bold design choices, not to over clutter or over style these beautiful strong kitchens.

The use of different materials show that Farmhouse Industrial Kitchens can stand up to many different designs styles. Some of these materials I just love, the use of steel, timber, bricks, corrugated iron, concrete, metals, slate and pavers. Making a combination of 2 or 3, this is why Farmhouse Industrial Kitchens will stand the test of time, they are extremely versatile and using these raw materials shows character and strength in your Industrial Kitchen.

Design Elements – These are the design elements that make you fall in love with Farmhouse Industrial Kitchens and why I too fell in love with these design elements.

Those beautifully chunky exposed beams nature never looked so good. The timber ceiling giving warmth to your kitchen, the corrugated ceiling giving your kitchen that touch of rustic, a plain ceiling giving way what lingers below. These ceilings  alone gives your kitchen a dramatic statement.

Another design feature are the Farmhouse Industrial Kitchen floors, wide timber planks,  pavers add  a rustic element to your floor, slate gives you a textured element, bricks add a textured finish and an industrial vibe, beautiful large tiles also gives your Industrial Kitchen elegance. Then we have concrete floors, not only industrial, they give your space a rich sense of what industrialism was, brings this space warmth, texture and elegance.

Industrial Kitchen Islands – The kitchen island is a major attraction with beautiful design elements, large recycled timber top with its rough edges, or a smooth gliding finished concrete top that poors over into the concrete sink. Stainless steel tops take your kitchen into the Industrial Age, marble adds a flair of glamour.

All these kitchen islands are held together by lndustrial pipes, beautiful reclaimed timbers, whether left open for a display or closed in for extra storage. Surrounded by timber, steel, corrugated iron, there is no denying that Industrial Island is the centre of attention in your kitchen.

The kitchen sink sits proud in your island or bench, large stainless bowl shines, concrete sink blends perfectly with your counter tops, the farmhouse sink as always is favoured over many, cooper sinks bring class and style to your benches and island.

Open shelving is very much apart of all farmhouse designs, shelves allow you to display your style whilst giving you storage. Industrial shelving is no different, except that these shelves are much bolder with there thick reclaimed timber shelves  held with industrial pipping or floating shelving against a brick back drop. Stainless steel shelving. Stand alone shelving giving you even more stotage and more styling to add, timber shelves with pipping, wire baskets, crates, adding steel frame mesh doors to your cupboard with give you the industrial look and will look great. Storage for plates, glasses, serving wear, groceries, pots and pans, storage never looked so good.

Using old factory cupboards and benches and giving them new life in your kitchen for extra storage and giving your kitchen a stunning design element will leave your guests in awe.

Old lockers and factory cupboards turned into beautiful pantries, side boards made from reclaimed timber and old factory benches will give this space perfect balance of style. A walk in pantry/Butlers, gives you much needed  storage and adding industrial design elements will keep your Industrial flow throughout your kitchen, add wire baskets, tin canisters, timber or tin trays, crates will add to your industrial design style.

Industrial back splash above your counter will keep adding to your Industrial style. You really can’t go wrong with subway tiles, they are just so versatile and come in many colours and textures  and can be laid in many formations, brick back splash definitely gives you the Industrial feel, having corrugated iron on your walls gives you Industrial and a rustic sense to your kitchen.  Stainless steel tiles will give  glamour and style or give your kitchen the sense of professional style and duty with a stainless steel slab. Using concrete on your walls will give you texture and style.

Lighting in your Farmhouse Industrial Kitchen plays an important role, it has to be functional and have great Industrial style. Large industrial lights to hang over your island or bench, can be metal lights made from old pails, old equipment, even old warehouse lights, a piece of reclaimed timber makes a beautiful light, lights hanging from steel and ropes, old crates and pieces of timber or custom made these lights will look amazing above your benches and dining area.

Idustrial Decor – Industrial Kitchens have so many strong design elements you don’t want to over shadow these elements with too many decor items, you don’t want your decor to look cluttered and overwhelm the space. Although  you still need your decor to look apart of the industrial space and you will still need some of these decor items to stand out.

Having a large metal industrial clock on the wall will look stunning, adding  bold bar stools made from old truck springs or unused farming equipment will look great at your island or breakfast bar. Tin canisters, wire baskets, old pails, tins, papper towel holders made from industrial pipes, timber boxes, old rake heads on the wall. Wire birds, tin jugs, why not Diy your own pieces of decor to give your kitchen a more personally touch.

Make a wall display into your very own gallery by adding a metal animal head, words, signs, beautiful art piece, add Rustic industrial elements like old pieces of machinery, barn wood, old fencing wire, large wire baskets or trays, how beautiful will this wall look.

Even adding a Industrial fan to your space will give you another Industrial element.

Make little displays in wire baskets or timber trays or crates, there are many ways to add industrial decor to your kitchen without taking away from the bold and beautiful elements in your Farmhouse Industrial Kitchen.

I truly love Farmhouse Industrial Kitchens, these kitchens have inspired myself to make our new Kitchen Farmhouse Industrial.

Other ideas for your Farmhouse Industrial Kitchen.

Farmhouse Industrial Kitchens have many bold strong elements yet they are so stunning and beautiful, soften by perfectly selected decor to complement and not to take away from these dominant kitchens.

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Farmhousestyling Herbs 101


We all love our Herbs, but how much better is it to be able to grow your own fresh herbs.

In this ebook called Herbs 101, will teach you how to plant, grow and cook your natural herbs. We all strive for a healthier life style and with this Ebook on hand will help make it a little easier towards a healthier life style.

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Farmhousestyling Vintage Decor Pt3


Welcome to the final series Farmhousestyling Vintage Decor Pt3. 

In this 3rd series we will be looking at the following rooms.

Farmhouse Vintage Kids Rooms-

Farmhouse Vintage Office-

Farmhouse Vintage Porch-

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Vintage Kids Rooms – Girls Room – If you are wanting a princess oasis for your daughter you can’t go past Vintage design and decor. Pretty pinks and mint greens. A four poster bed steals the show with its dainty canopy flowing, soft cushions and throws, elegant dressing tables full of accessories, antique hair brushes, mirrors and pretty canisters sitting on silver and gold trays.

An armoire with full length mirror, crystal chandelier, antique side table and vintage lamp, beautiful lace curtains, dancing ballerinas on the wall, fairy lights twinkling like the stars in the sky.

This vintage room is certainly designed for all princesses. Angel wings, beautiful chair for her thrown and not to forget her crown. Pretty antique frames, how heavenly and beautiful is this vintage room.

Antique music boxes and carousels, rocking horse, vintage doll house and antique prams full of teddy bears and every princess needs a knight in shining armour to read a good night story under the twinkling stars.

Lets look at those beautiful blues, reds and yellow vintage perfectly stitched quilt covers, laying on a wrought iron bed, with a nanna blanket and pretty rag dolls, timber floors, lanterns on well crafted side tables.

Shelves full of antique dolls, beautiful vintage prints on the walls, old suit cases given new life as side tables, old picture frames is where you now hang your jewellery.

Feature wall paper makes entering the room grand, timber doll house. Vintage bedrooms from long ago are making their presence felt whether traditional vintage or new vintage, they are a beautiful piece of our history to be past on so the memories and stories remain.

Vintage Kids Room – Boys – Bold blues and reds, vintage wrought iron beds, a chest at the end of the bed, world maps on the wall, world globes hanging from the ceiling. Shelves display old cars, trucks, tins and jars.

Old stop signs, planes and trains, wire baskets full of base balls, bat and glove above on the wall.

An old vintage wagon is now a place to store your book collection.  Crates on the wall to store your car collection, number plates made into lights or a vintage coat rack.

An old tool trolley is now a place to store your belongings, lockers to hang your clothes, old vintage signs sit neatly on the walls.

Vintage skate boards made into shelves old surfboards on the wall are now the centre of attention in the room. Planes hang from the ceiling an old truck, boat is now your bed, tent for camping, antique desk for studying, vintage posters makes these vintage boys room a new adventure every day.

Vintage Office – An old swivel chair sitting at a vintage desk, brass lamp on the desk for extra light, ink pen set willing and waiting to be used. An hour glass, stamps, mason jars for pens, jug for rulers, vintage type writer, antique magnifying glass, a leather bound note book, all these beautiful vintage decor and accessories give this room character and charm.

Vintage lockers for storage, old filing cabinets, antique world globes and maps marked with destinations. Old vintage prints on the wall, perhaps a wall of books.

Shelves filled with cameras, clocks, books and folders or shelves to display your passions for vintage memorabilia. Old keys and locks, wire  baskets mounted to the wall for all mail, bills, notes and messages.

Reading chair and lamp in the corner, vintage suitcases given new life as shelving storage, beautiful old tins sit perfectly on shelves filled with your office supply’s. What an inspiration this room is to work, not stressful but enjoyable, to be surrounded by all these beautiful vintage pieces from the past, keeping them for further generations to come.

Vintage Porch – Where else can you sit and be immersed in vintage charm and history. Your very own vintage porch with beautiful stories and memories to share.

Beautiful old milk pails, tin buckets hanging above filled with flowers, the smell of lavender as you walk up the stairs. Vintage bird cages, old window shutters now a beautiful vintage masterpiece. Tea cups chiming in the wind.

Antique Day bed surrounded by cushions, vintage cane chairs add an elegant touch. A chandelier hangs over the repurposed table and old mixed matched chairs. Wrought iron tables and chairs, vintage table settings, a beautiful place to spend  time with family and friends.

Vintage tea trolley old chairs and antique cupboards now serve you beverages on a warm afternoon, while swinging on the porch swing or relaxing in a hammock or rocking chair.

Antique bicycles, sleds and old chest of draws given new life as a planter box. Antique ladders now display your green thumbs, old crates turned into flower beds, antique beds and bed ends reused for extra seating and flower displays.

Vintage timber and metal signs make a beautiful art display, old wash stands and tubs given new life. Pretty pinks and mint greens are perfect for afternoon tea. The vintage porch is so relaxing and graceful a perfect place to spend with family and friends.

Farmhouse Vintage homes are full of life and character, charm and beautiful memories to share with all.

I hope you have enjoyed this 3 part series on Farmhousestyling Vintage Decor. Feel free to leave a comment.

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These beautiful vintage photos are curtesy of PINTEREST 

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Farmhousestyling Amazon Deals On Bathroom Decor


Hello to all my Farmhousestyling friends.  Today I have put together great deals from AMAZON for your Farmhousestyling Bathrooms. 

If you are looking to add Farmhouse Charm to your bathroom AMAZON is the place to be heading. Click on any Ad Links for further information or purchase.

I will be showing you Bathroom Decor for FARMHOUSESTYLING, Modern, Vintage, Industrial, Traditional and Rustic.

Just a brief description on each Style.

RUSTIC – Rustic has a real warmth with its timber features and earthy tones, bringing that gift of nature inside, Chunky interiors or softer lines, adding the right Decor will enhance your Rustic Design Style.

MODERN – What a beautiful way to display both old and new and look absolutely stunning. Modern colours of  the Traditional blues, reds, yellows greens. Modern is more peared back with nice clean lines. Each piece of decor is delicately balanced to make this bathroom exquisite.

VINTAGE – Lace curtains, silver trays, antique fixtures, there is just a beautiful elegance around when it comes to Vintage style.

TRADITIONAL – Is so warm and cosy and just makes you feel relaxed and at peace, beautiful claw foot tub to soak away your day.

INDUSTRIAL – Such a strong design, bold lines, soften by elegant decor. Industrial bathrooms are designed to be noticed, giving them a strong presence of character.

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I hope you have enjoyed this article, I look forward to sharing more great bargins with you.

Yours in Styling




Farmhousestyling on Decluttering

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Yours in Styling

Farmhousestyling Vintage Decor Pt2


Welcome back to Farmhousestyling and Pt2 of Vintage Decor. This week we will be looking at the following rooms. And taking a sneak peak at modern vintage.

Farmhouse Vintage Bathroom-

Farmhouse Vintage Laundry-

Farmhouse Vintage Mudroom-

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Vintage homes have a eclectic charm and style about them full of beautiful stories and memories, whether traditional vintage or modern vintage, these homes are a beautiful way to remembering the past.

Vintage Bathroom – How beautiful and elegant are vintage bathrooms, claw foot baths and original fixtures or repurposed, how wonderful it would be to find original fittings and fixtures and give them new life.

The pedal stool sink and an antique mirror above. A beautiful antique dresser restored for a vanity, silver tray to display vintage perfume bottles and soaps, candles and lotions.

Timber shelves host more gorgeous vintage decor, old shaving brushes, bottles, antique beauty mirrors and brushes.

A well used cupboard with vintage handles for your towels and bathroom accessories, beautiful glass canisters for your beauty needs and trinkets, wire baskets for storage.


Shower over the claw foot tub engulfed in a beautiful vintage shower curtain, dainty stool at the side, a bath caddy for your vintage luxuries and a glass of wine, what a beautiful way to relax at the end of the day. An old tin soap sign sits above the bath, towels hang off vintage hooks. Your vintage bathroom beautiful, elegant and inspiring.


A modern vintage bathroom is truly beautiful and a fine example of allowing those beautiful vintage pieces and the past shine through. Not as much drama happening in these bathroom, but they give you that sense of vintage charm and character.

Vintage Laundry- If you have a laundry room or laundry behind doors or barn doors these spaces deserve to be apart of your vintage home and style, by choosing the right decor and adding life to your laundry will make washing a bit more pleasurable.

Adding shelves to display old Sud and soap signs, tins, wire baskets and vintage bric-à-brac, you will certainly know you are in a vintage laundry.

The concrete sink or revamped sink will in hence this room and give it character. Old vintage wash boards and antique signs hanging on the wall, old flat irons displayed nicely on benches and shelves. Vintage wire washing basket. Your laundry will certainly be apart of your vintage home and style.

The more modern vintage laundry is more refined with cleaner lines and relaxing on the eyes, still letting those beautiful vintage decor items bring a smile to your face.

Vintage Mudroom- By now you all probably gathered I’m a huge fan of mud rooms, not only are they great for leaving your muddy shoes, coats, hats and umbrellas, you also gain extra storage space when done correctly.

A big design trend at the moment is using old lockers. They are functional for storage and a beautiful design feature especially in a vintage mud room.

Old lockers on either side of a bench seat or old church pew, how about a diy bench. Or a row of lockers for all the kids sporting needs, rather then have them drag sports equipment through the house, great for out door toy storage, by placing shelves in the lockers your now have storage for beach towels and extra supplies you may have. Turn a locker into a broom closet and cleaning accessories, nice and handy in your mud room.

Adding shelves with photos will give this space warmth, have a wall of vintage signs, old vintage hooks for hats and coats, what a beautiful welcome guest will get when entering into your vintage mud room.

The modern vintage mud room, still welcoming and beautiful, the impact is still the same just soften by crisp clean lines and very selective vintage pieces. This room will surely impress.

I hope you have enjoyed Pt2 of Farmhousestyling Vintage Decor, next week in Pt3 the final chapter in this series we will be exploring, Kids Bedrooms, the Office and the porch and having a look at vintage decor.

I am leaving you with a few more decor ideas and a couple of DIY ideas for you to think about.

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All these beautiful Antique photos are curtesy of PINTEREST 

Feel free to leave a comment

Yours in Styling




Farmhousestyling Vintage Decor Pt 1

Vintage Decor Pt 1

Welcome to the 3 part series Farmhousestyling Vintage Decor.

In this series we will be discovering all the beautiful decor for a Farmhouse Vintage feel, we will also have a quick peak at the more modern style of Vintage Decor.

In this series we will be looking at the following rooms below and hopefully they will inspire you to get your Vintage styling happening.

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Farmhousestyling Vintage Entry 

Farmhousestyling Vintage Kitchen 

Farmhousestyling Vintage Dinning 

Farmhousestyling Vintage Lounge

To me vintage is a collection just like collecting stamps and coins, vintage is always evolving, it’s a collection that never stops. Displayed correctly your vintage decor will shine and sparkle and look beautiful.

Vintage is a mix of styles mainly traditional and antiques which is why farmhouse vintage is a great style when you are thinking vintage. One mistake people make with their vintage decor is that they try to display every single item or collection onto the one shelf or shelves, tables and benches, by doing this will only make your beautiful pieces look cluttered and junky and uninteresting, I don’t mean get rid off your vintage pieces, just be selective, you want your pieces to stand out so everyone can see and share in their stories and memories especially if some of these items have sentimental value, what a beautiful way to keep memories alive. I have always said Vintage is styled clutter and deserves to be shown and shared, when done correctly.

Vintage Entry – Is taking your first step into a museum, straight from the word go you know you are walking into something truly amazing and beautiful. A hat stand for your hats and coats, a revamped dresser into a Entry table, a beautiful umbrella stand, beveled entry mirror, a lamp, a beautiful sense of vintage.

Prehaps your entry best serves as a mud room, with repurposed and DIY bench seating, a vintage ladder to display plants, photos and old books will be an instant impact. An old door  turned into corner shelving displays, an old bench seat or church pew, a shelf above to display photos, hang old keys, locks in an empty frame will look amazing and will give you that vintage vibe. There are many ways to show off your vintage pieces and starting at the front door is only a glimpse into your journey.

Vintage Kitchen – How the memories come floating back from my grandmothers kitchen all those beautiful baked goodies and the old wood burning stove, everything was always better at grandmas place.

The vintage kitchen the heart of the home the command centre and your incontrol and what a beautiful setting you have in your vintage kitchen. Wood burning stove to share those aromas throughout the house, the troops will certainly come to attention with those delightful smells drifting pass them.

The farmhouse sink still ever so popular and what a great way to display this sink where it belongs in a farmhouse vintage kitchen.

Beautiful pastels colours, mint greens, pinks, yellows and blues, these colours certainly belong in a farmhouse vintage kitchen, with matching curtains, cushions, aprons, tea towels, wall papers the skirt under the kitchen sink,  These colours on the cupboards, matching accessories, vases, jugs, dinner wear,  mixers, glasses, tea pots, canister sets and Linen, just so beautiful and elegant in a vintage kitchen.

The vintage kitchen dresser, the joy this peace of furniture brings, full of your favourite displays of plates, clocks, scales, family photos and beautiful memories, the kitchen dresser is a high light of your farmhouse vintage style and extra space for storage.

I love walking into a farmhouse vintage kitchen and seeing all those beautiful items displayed perfectly on the top of kitchen cupboards, tin buckets and bread tins, old rusty signs, big wire baskets and old milk pails. Cups hanging silently underneath the shelf or cupboards, tea trolleys with antique serving wear, a kitchen wall turned into a vintage display of old rolling pins, colanders, serving trays, plates, egg beaters or old cooking utensils framed and beautiful.

The vintage kitchen is a beautiful escape into the past, peaceful and calming to sit down with family and friends and share in the memories that this Farmhouse Vintage Kitchen has to offer.

The new  Farmhousestyling vintage kitchen styles aren’t quite as bold and dramatic, but they are just so beautiful with hints of eye catching vintage accessories and decor, modern versions of the wood burning stoves/combustion stove, beautiful remakes of the vintage refrigerators. These kitchens are exquisite in style and designs.

The Vintage Dinning- Can be apart of your kitchen or a formal dinning room. Eat-in-kitchen, what a great extension of your kitchen to have all those beautiful pastels and rich colours to continue to your dinner table. A grand  antique chandelier hangs over your table, beautiful table displays of vintage vases, wire baskets filled with antique decor, antique bird cages filled with candles, lanterns, tin canister fill with fresh flowers, tiered cake stand hosting silver salt and pepper and linen napkins, silver decanters.

To sit at this vintage table and be in awe of all the wonderful reflections of Vintage style, decor, mixed matched chairs or the beautiful antique table handed down through generations with matching chairs and lace table accessories, this is truly a gift of vintage perfection.

Your Dinning is seperate from your kitchen is another room to take full advantage of your vintage flair, an antique dresser takes pride of place with beautiful vintage dinner wear on display, a vintage rug to warm your toes, a vintage lamp or candelabra to soften the mood or a chandelier that hangs delicately for all to see.

A beautiful wall display of framed doilies, plates, a collective display of your favourite art pieces, old windows into frames, antique serving trays, a wall of mirrors, shelves filled with photos and antique frames. Those who sit at this table will experience the joy, the same joy you had creating this beautiful room.

Modern Farmhouse Vintage Dinning, still as beautiful just like the kitchen, Modern with hints of the past, striking and beautiful, the love of vintage still shines through, it’s a beautiful blend and welcomes you to enjoy and relax in this wonderful space.

Vintage Lounge Room – The perfect place to relax and unwind or entertain. A tall lamp or side lamp in the corner next to your favourite comfy chair, side table with book and glasses ready and waiting an ottoman or stool for your weiry feet.

A beautiful mantle hand crafted from long ago brought back to life, is the perfect way to welcome guest into your room, photos surround the mantle, mirror above, antique vases, candles, lanterns, lamps, the decorative fire surround or a large picture hanging above, your mantle is the perfect display of your Vintage charm.

Vintage sofas with lots of cushions with lace and frills, soft fabric throws over the lounge, pinks and mints flow through the room, or antique lounges with sophisticated lines sit proudly on display.

Scalloped curtains frame the window, chandelier or antique light shine big and bright, side tables with lace doilies, vintage decor and charm.  A beautiful stylish coffee table in the middle lapping up the attention, an old trunk is made useful again, ottomans padded in vintage fabrics. The vintage tray sits calmly on your coffee table filled with antiques and love of vintage, for all to gaze upon.

The vintage side board a grand and gracious piece of vintage furniture adds the finishing touch to this wonderful eclectic room. Feature wall of wall paper brings eyes wide open, vintage book case not just for books also mixed vintage displays that will bring your books to life.

Little vintage displays in empty corners or walls will make your room inviting, warm and give this vintage room elegance.

The modern vintage lounge room, is soft and pretty or bold and bright. A more subtle approach to vintage decor and style, once in this room you will feel the presence of its vintage charms.

I have added beautifully photos of Vintage Tap wear, Handles, Chandeliers, Rugs, Curtains, Wallpaper and Vintage colours to give you some ideas of vintage styles.

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Farmhousestyling Traditional Master Bedroom

Traditional Master Bedroom 

The Traditional Master Bedroom is so warm and inviting, what a beautiful relaxing way to end your day walking into your room and know and feel that sense of calm and tranquility you get every day and every time you are in your room.

Traditional Master Bedrooms are so cosy yet can be very spacious and grand. Traditional colour palettes of blues, reds, yellow or soft muted tones, bright and pretty, soft and sophisticated, cheerful and cosy, these bedrooms are perfect in any combinations.

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Master Bedroom – Large timber floor boards not only beautiful to look at, they give you a sense of the past, over sized rugs on the floor give you a warm welcome while never losing sight of the beautiful timber floors.

Four poster bed takes centre stage with sheer and lace fabric flowing from each corner delicately lapping the floor in the breeze, beautiful soft linens, cushions and throws positioned perfectly gives you a luxurious romantic feel.

A big and bold wrought iron bed surrounded by chunky pillows and throws.  Or a Gingham quilt, blues or reds is a reflection of a traditional farmhouse style or with a softer approach with muted textures and tones adding elegance to this big bold beautiful bed.

A Traditional timber bed beautifully carved from nature captures the heart of Traditional timbers and soften by the elegant balance of linens, throws, cushions and pillows.

A romantic styled padded fabric bed so beautiful to look at and easily to get lost in its romantic charms.

Linen, sheer or lace curtains add softness to the rough edges, natural bamboo or roman blinds to block out the sun in summer and for privacy and keep the room warm in winter. Long beautiful drapes to the floor gives this room elegance and style.

Traditional Fabrics – How fortunate we are to still be able to capture the essence of true farmhouse style with beautiful fabrics and linen that are still in style to this very day. Blues, reds and yellows will certainly give your room the true meaning of a traditional farmhouse master bedroom.

From curtains, bed linen, cushions and pillows, ruffles and throws, fabric chairs and ottomans, you will feel like you have stepped into a beautiful movie scene from long ago.

What is a traditional bed without the traditional bed side table with its beautiful legs and delicate handles, vases, flowers, candles and photos will give your room a personal touch.

Bedroom dresser sits gracefully and silent, a beautiful display of craftsmanship or maybe new or repurposed for your display of Traditional styling.

Bedroom chair resting cosy in the corner awaiting your arrival, a book on your side table and perhaps a nice glass of wine to end your day.

And not to be missed out the end of bed chair, timber or fabric looks beautiful as you enter the room,  benches with baskets for extra storage or just a piece of beautiful furniture for show.

Traditional freestanding or built in robe deserves attention, beautifully styled, hat boxes and old suitcases sit high on top of the robe awaiting their next adventure.

The walk in robe, small or spacious this room is perfect for all your storage needs. Give this room a luxurious feel by adding a full length mirror a beautiful ottoman and a lovely dressing table for all your beauty supplies.

Master Bathroom – What an oasis to come home too, a claw foot tub to soak into candles dim the room, Traditional subway tiles, greys, blues, yellow and black will make this room look magical.

Vanities repurposed from furniture given a new life, there is a beautiful softness to traditional bathrooms a very relaxing style of comfort. Elegant tape ware show off your vanity,  decor glitters in the light,  all your potions and lotions beautifully displayed.

Attic spaces are becoming more and more popular to renovate, turning these once useless storage spaces into a master bedroom  retreats a whole floor of Traditional luxury.

Farmhousestyling Traditional Master Bedrooms will certainly give you a sense of calmness and tranquility and belonging, modern or traditional or a blend of both, your master bedroom will delight those who walk through your door and admire this beautiful space.

Traditional Decor Ideas for the Master Bath Room.

Traditional Decor Ideas for the Master Bedroom.

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Farmhousestyling Modern Kitchens Pt2

Farmhouse Modern Kitchen

Welcome to the 2nd series Farmhousestyling Modern Kitchens. In this series we will be exploring the following.

Farnhouse Modern Sink-

Farmhouse Modern Tiles – 

Farmhouse Modern Pantry – 

Farmhouse Modern Butlers Pantry 

Farmhouse Modern Appliance Cupboard – 

Farmhouse Modern Shelving – 

Farmhouse Modern Work Station – 

Farmhouse Modern Eat In/Dinning- 

Farmhouse Modern Curtains – 

Farnhouse Modern Kitchen Decor – 

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Farmhouse Modern Sink – How grand and beautiful these timeless farmhouse sinks are, and blend seamlessly with the modern farmhouse kitchen designs. Single sink or double sink, porcelain, stainless or black these sinks in any farmhouse design will stand the test of time and proudly supported by gorgeous tap ware, silver, gold or black they are the perfect match for these beautiful sinks.

Farmhouse Modern Tiles – Even with modern farmhouse designs, the subway tile seems to make a presence, they are a simple tile but make a huge impact to any kitchen. Lay them Traditional like bricks, straight up and down, chevron pattern or putting a boarder around the tiles speaks volumes of how popular and versatile these beautiful tiles are. The more modern style of the subway tiles is using darker grouts around the tiles, light grey, dark grey, charcoal or black some have even experimented with coloured grout.

Beside subway tiles, there are plenty more options you can choose from, that will beautifully blend into your Modern Farmhouse Kitchen design. The reason that I picked the subway tile in this article is because they are a classic example of farmhouse design and they have certainly stood the test of time.

Farmhouse Modern Pantry – The standard or corner pantry play a big part in your kitchen storing all your food, drinks and in some cases your appliances. You want this space to be functional and to have easy access so your not digging around trying to find things.

By adding some simple ideas your pantry will look and feel more functional and neat and tidy. By adding wire baskets in your pantry will visually help locate items and give your pantry style, section your pantry into categories e.g jars, sauces, packet foods, snacks, canned foods, etc dedicate a shelf for all your baking needs and equipment, placing them in either wire or other types of baskets will keep them neatly away.

If you have a corner pantry with that corner space on each shelf where a lot of bits and pieces end up and hard to reach, a good idea is to buy or diy lazy Susan’s, makes great use of the space and looks good as well, place your sauces or cans, great for putting your baking supplies on as well. By placing a office folder onto the inside door for your aluminium foils, baking paper etc will free up more room in your pantry or by adding small shelves to the inside of your pantry door is great for storing all your bottled herbs and spices. Your pantry may not be huge but thinking about how you use your pantry and store your items wil make a big difference.

Farmhouse Modern Butlers Pantry – How we love these rooms big or small if designed correctly you will have endless storage. Some use the Butlers pantry just for storing food. Other Butlers pantries are like walking into another kitchen. By using baskets and labelling and having designated shelves or baskets for your foods and appliance etc your pantry will work smarter and look smart, neat and organised.

Depending on the size of your Butlers Pantry you can add a number of functional aides to keep your pantry organised and functional. Add a floor to ceiling wine rack to keep those bottles organised and not hidden away, put in another bench space and sink, this is great for canning and if you are having a dinner party and don’t want guess to see a messy kitchen. Have a dedicated space for your your baking equipment. Built in vegetable and fruit draws, design your shelves for small and larger items and for both the standard/Corner and Butlers pantry, have a great entry door, glass or screened doors, sliding barn doors a beautiful diy doors, add the words pantry, store supplies or grocery store, this room doesn’t need to be boring add life to the pantry inside and out.

Farmhouse Modern Appliance Cupboard – This is a simple way to store all your appliances in the one space and easy access and great if you don’t have room in your pantry, you can have a built in appliance cupboard  or nice deep pull out draws or do a repurposed book case, old cupboard even an old tea trolley can be used to create more space. Or maybe just an everyday Appliance station for your kettle, toaster, mixer and blender, any extra room in a kitchen is great to have.

Farmhouse Modern Shelving – Beautiful open shelving gives a gracious nod back to traditional farmhouse style while keeping it modern. Wether floating shelves, or timber shelving held by brackets or a stylish kitchen dresser, what a great way to share your beautiful design styles, your plate collections, bowls, jugs etc or having these shelves for extra storage for your baking needs, cook books etc. It will be a gorgeous display of modern farmhouse.

Farmhouse Modern Work Station – If you have the room in your kitchen or your design plan, make room for this functional space, it’s great to have an area dedicated to your office/work or even homework, to sit and ponder over recipes and have all your cook books stored neatly at your work station. To sit and blog or catch up with friends on face book, sort out your bills, mail and letters or just a nice place to relax while you wait for the cookies to be done. This space is a good spot for kids to do their homework, easier for you to keep an eye on them. Run your home based business from your kitchen.

Farmhouse Modern Eat in/dinning- The open plan living concept was and still is a great way to bring and have everyone into the one space, this space is a beautiful extension of your kitchen, the modern farmhouse designs make this transitional area stylish and a relaxed atmosphere for all to enjoy, the kitchen dinning and living area blend seamlessly together.


Farmhouse Modern Curtains – If you have a beautiful view from your kitchen window do you really want to cover this up, I say throw those curtains away, but not all are lucky enough to have great views, we still need privacy at times, choose beautiful soft sheer or linens this will bring a softness and an elegance to your kitchen and for the night for privacy a sea grass blind or roman blind, or perhaps you prefer heavier curtains to pull across for the evenings.

Farmhouse Modern Kitchen Decor – This list could be endless, I will try to keep it short. Let’s start with the open shelving and/or kitchen dresser, as I mentioned above it’s a great way to display all that you love, family photos, vases, pottery, dinner sets, jugs, jars, candles etc, just don’t over crowd or clutter, you want your guess to see a beautiful display not a mess.

Turn your dresser into a coffee station add shelves and coffee decor items, cups, saucers, mugs, coffee machine, syrups, coffee signs how great and functional would this look, go back to my article Farmhousestyling & All Things Coffee, great ideas and styles.

If you have an open plan concept you need to keep your decor and style uniformed, you want the flow to be seamless from one area to another. With the farmhouse modern look you don’t want to much of the other farmhouse Styles to come through and over take your Modern Farmhouse look, for example you love the vintage look, just bring a more modern vintage look to your space and just a hint here or there of the farmhouse Vintage look of old.

There are so many ways you can style your kitchen and what I love about Farmhouse Modern Kitchen is that this kitchen allows you bring in a touch of your favourite farmhouse design from the past while being proudly Modern, the use of jugs, vases, candles, trays, table runners, bowls, lamps, bar stools cushions and curtains, even though these decor pieces are in every home yours remain Farmhousestyling Modern Kitchen beautiful and stylish.


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