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We all love a coffee and tea break whether you are at work, at home, out shopping or with family and friends, it’s nice to be able to sit even if it’s just for 10 minutes to give you a boost to recharge yourself.

How great would it be to have your very own Coffee Bar, have you a empty space in your kitchen or can you make a space available. The reason being once you see the photos I am posting you will be eager to have your very own Coffee Bar.

And as always our friends at AMAZON  will have amazing products, ideas and decor to bring your Coffee Bar to life. Click on any of the AD links for further information or purchase.

Imagine having a Coffee Bar and having all your coffee and tea supply’s in the one place, all your syrups, cups & saucers, mugs, spoons, coffee beans, all your different teas, your regular coffee, jugs and coffee machine. How great will this look, your family and friends will be wanting their very own Coffee Bar once they see you serving up their favourite latte, cappuccino, mocha, long and short black or flat white or your great selection of tea, english breakfast, earl grey, they are surely to be impressed.

what about doing a DIY Coffee Bar ? Have you any unused or old pieces of furniture not being used any more, for example, dresser, book case, hall table, side board or desk, how great to bring these old or run down pieces back to life and turned in to beautiful Coffee Bar. If you don’t have any used or old furniture to repurpose check out your local garage sales, second hand stores, ads in your local paper, don’t forget antique stores, you maybe able to find a piece from family and friends that they no longer want. How about building your very own Coffee Bar from scratch. If you are unsure about repurposing or building your own, you will be able to pick up a piece of furniture to suite your style and needs or make a space on your kitchen bench. You can even turn your unused pantry or cupboard into a beautiful Coffee Bar.

Depending on your budget, here are some ideas to add to your Coffee Bar, a small refrigerator for your milk and cream and other delicious delights you like to use. Adding shelves will give you extra space and storage to have your coffee syrups on display, add baskets and wire basket to house your coffee pods, marsh mellows etc, put beautiful old canisters on your shelf, these will only add style to your Coffee Bar. 

How about adding a black board with your daily menu items and your coffee list your friends are going to love it. Add some personal touches like photos and quotes you may like, signs like family, friendship, love and hope and don’t forget a nice coffee sign. Add a large clock, old keys, letters and numbers, timber or metal signs and arrows. Make your Coffee Bar a beautiful extension of the space you will be using.

There are so many ways you can style your Coffee Bar in farmhouse style. Add your style and let it represent your style and design. The photos I have posted are sure to get you inspired and started on your very own Coffee Bar to enjoy with family and friends.

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All photos curtesy of Pinterest

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Farmhousestyling & Rustic Decor Pt 2

Rustic Decor Pt 2 

Welcome back to Farmhousestyling & Rustic Decor Pt 2, this week I will be sharing beautiful ideas for Rustic Decor for the Kitchen, Lounge room and Kids Bedroom. And once again, great bargins from AMAZON click on any of their ad links for further information or purchase.

RUSTIC KITCHEN – The heart of any home. Timber benches mixed with modern features bring a well balanced style to your Rustic design. The centre piece, the large rustic kitchen island stands big and bold, commands applause. And not to be missed the beautiful gleam of the farmhouse sink, racks filled with plates, timber dressers with your love of rustic beauty on display for all to see.

The awe of the solid timber table to inspire and please all those who sit at this majestic master piece, the mixed matched chairs give this grand table total attention, table runners, jugs filled with fresh flowers, candles, baskets soften the harshness of this beautiful table.

Open shelving display what you have to offer in this sun lit rustic kitchen, barn doors reveal all your tasty treats which those who look will desire. Giant lights hang from beams or is it the pots and pans silently hanging above the kitchen bench.

Large bowls of fruit sit upon your Rustic bench prim and proper, blackened lights shine down on your  dinning table with it brings elegance and style. Old crates, boxes and timber transformed into new and well used displays of rustic passion, Old signs, baskets, all things rustic  hanging proudly on the wall.

 Your rustic kitchen truly is the heart of your home.

 RUSTIC LOUNGE ROOM – A beautiful welcome to the warmth that this room has to offer from the lush rugs on the floor to the soft comfy lounges that find it hard to remove yourself from.

That comfy chair in the corner with a pillow and textured throw to make this the favourite place in the house to snuggle into with a book or just to relax and unwind from the end of a long day.

Side tables and coffee tables come to life with jugs and vases filled with flowers, family photos, trays and lamps glow to send a light to make this room shine.

Beautiful Rustic mantels full of family photos gives this room a homey feel,  give your mantel a design style to make it one of a kind and a pleasure to gaze upon.

The empty lifeless wall that was, is now your Rustic masterpiece for all to see and admire from every angle that this beautiful Rustic room has to offer.

RUSTIC KIDS ROOM –  This is where their rustic adventures starts in a place they call their own, they are ruler of their castle as they climb the rustic ladder over the mountains of timber and wrought iron and once there they can gaze upon their land below.

Are you lost in the wilderness and came face to face with a bear, you scurried back to the tent and lay quietly until morning came around.

Your a princess awaiting your knight in shinning armour, sitting patiently upon your throne made from soft textures and tones, alas your knight arrives only to find out boys aren’t allowed inside.

All photos curtesy of Pinterest

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Farmhousestyling & Wire Baskets Pt 4


Welcome back to the final article Farmhousestyling & Wire Baskets Pt 4. I hope you have been enjoying the articles over the past few weeks, I know I have enjoyed sharing my thoughts and ideas.

Don’t forget to check out the great range and prices from AMAZON. Click on any of their Ad links.


This week it’s all about,

Kids Bedrooms


Garage Storage


Other ways you can use Wire Baskets.

Kids Bedrooms – Transform your child’s wardrobe from mess to the best use of storage space by using wire baskets. You can buy wire basket shelving units with easy pull out access for their clothes or books and toys. Wire Baskets for their shoes so they aren’t laying all over the bottom of the wardrobe, you can hang wire baskets on the back of their wardrobe or behind the bedroom door, this is great for their shoes and socks or a place for toys, books, or just for their bits and pieces.

Larger wire baskets on the top shelf of the wardrobe will allow for easier storage for spare blankets, clothing, bed linen, rather then just throwing it all up there, you will see exactly what you are looking for.

Book cases with cubby holes are great for wire baskets to store toys and games, art and crafts. Build a bed out of 2 book cases and this will give you even more storage space, great for shoes, Lego storage or the toys they play with the most. If there is a study area in their room, wire baskets of all sizes will accommodate all their requirements, e.g pencils, folders, rulers, books, glue, paints and so on. Wire baskets are great for all their arts and craft supplies, wire baskets come in all shapes, sizes and colours or paint your own wire baskets to get the colour to suit your decor.

Nursery – Wire Baskets in the nursery above or beside the change table great for storing nappies, spare clothes, powders, lotions, cotton buds, cotton wool, baby wipes, having it all in the one spot gives you better access to your baby needs rather then having baby on your hip and digging through draws to fine what you need. Even put Wire Baskets under the change table for more storage.

There are so many ways you can use wire baskets throughout your home for great storage and make it look great and organised at the same time. Use wire baskets in the kitchen for your baby’s formulas, bottles, cleaning solutions, bowls, sippy cups, cutlery, dummies, bibs and toys, having it all in one area will make it easier to find what you are looking for.


Garage Storage – Wire Baskets in the garage are great, easy to see what you are looking, slide out wire baskets for your drill bits, sand paper, discs, paint brushes etc, wire baskets for the kids out door toys, sporting gear. Wire baskets for all your garden needs shears, forks, gloves, pots, seeds and potty mixers.

Wire Baskets on the wall for spray cans, electrical cords, power boards, paint rollers, glue, keeps everything neat and tidy and accessible.


Decor – Wire Baskets for decor are beautiful, on coffee tables, dinner tables, side tables, on ottomans, on shelves, wire baskets make beautiful centre pieces, look great on hall tables and console tables, hang wire baskets on the wall for a beautiful visual display. And what to put in the wire baskets for decor? The sky is the limit to your imagination and ideas, here are just a few ideas.

Jugs with flowers, vases, bottles, candle stands, candles, books, timber, glass or ceramic animals, balls, spheres, love hearts, words of inspiration, drift wood, old clocks, scales, pine cones, tin jugs, sea shells, the list is endless.

Other ways to use Wire Baskets – There are many ways you can use wire baskets other then what has been discussed over the past 4 weeks and best of all its mostly DIY so your creation will be one of a kind. How about a beautiful chandelier, lamp shades, beautiful lights to hang in your home, you can even give your ceiling fan a make over.

How about hanging candles in wire baskets, what about putting 2 hanging baskets together with fairy lights for a beautiful light display, a wire basket for the base of a canopy netting to flow over the bed.

There are so many different styles, sizes and colours in wire baskets that makes it easier and less stressful when it comes to your decor designs. Wire baskets look great in any farmhouse design.

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Photos curtesy of Pinterest

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Farmhousestyling & Rustic Decor Part 1


Rustic decor can be think and chunky with the rawness of nature and it’s hard exterior or the soft and subtle beauty of unpredictable lines and edges. Rustic Decor is beautiful in all forms and shapes. To be able to bring the gifts of nature into your home and blend directly into life.


This Week I’ll be leaving you beautiful ideas for your Entryway, Bedroom and Bathroom. And not to forget great finds from AMAZON.

Your Entryway to those who flow through your front door will get their first glimpse of your Rustic design style, the warmth of timber, the beautiful entry table made from recycled timber adorned with family photos past and present. Above your entry table is your favourite rustic items on display to share with all. Your entry way gives comfort to all those who hang their hats and coats.

Warm timber floors brings attention to their feet as the scurry in from the cold, or maybe the cool textured rustic tiles will make their feet feel welcomed on a harsh sunny day. Bring your Entryway alive with beautiful Rustic Decor.

Beautiful Rustic Bedrooms with cast iron beds with their soft white linens complemented by muted throws and cushions, timber side tables with trinkets, timber beams and lace curtains. Timber bedheads that take command of the room but subdued by soft and elegant textures. Four poster beds give your room grandeur and awe.

Beautiful Rustic features above your bed an old trunk or old weathered bench greets you as you walk through the door. Timber floors with chunky rugs to keep your toes warm, mirror framed in timber to reflect the beauty of your room.

Rustic distressed walls from time gone by, bold symbols of love above your bed, displays of your loved possessions mounted on the wall. Beautiful art displays or words of wisdom, old shutters, windows, barn doors, hang proudly behind your head. Your rustic bedroom brings you peace and happiness as you rest your head and await sweet dreams.

Rustic Bathrooms with claw foot tubs standing on all fours resting ever so gently on timber floors, timber vanities made from reclaimed wood bursting with character, timber shelves ready to display all your Bathroom has to offer.  Timber ladders to allow your towels to sway in the breeze and to display your Rustic passion.

Rustic timber shelves over your toilet will give this space much add elegance that will allow your toilet to become part of the bathroom. Mirrors hugged by timber frames, round tin frames bring that rustic flare, timber and tin trays standing and waiting on your bench to display soaps and perfumes and your love for Rustic Decor.

Farmhousestyling Rustic Decor is beautiful in style and design, whether you live in a rustic log cabin, a house in the suburbs, a loft apartment or high rise Rustic Decor will make you feel right at home and give you that wonder and warmth of bringing a touch of nature into you home.

Clink on AMAZON Ad links for further information or purchase.

All other photos curtesy of Pinterest

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Farmhousestyling & Amazon Ideas for your Wall

Farmhousestyling & Amazon

Last we was all about how to take that plain boring blank wall and turn it into a blank canvas into a masterpiece.

This week I’m going to show you some great ideas from AMAZON to get you started on transforming your wall into a beautiful piece of art.

And as always AMAZON has so much to offer at great prices.

How beautiful would these look on your wall, absolutely stunning, click on any of the AMAZON ad links for any further information or purchase.

Here are more beautiful pieces to give you inspiration.

The sky is the limit when designing your wall, always plan ahead, this will make designing your wall easier.

How beautiful are these pieces of wall art, can you see them on your wall.


The first 3 photos are curtesy of Pinterest

Remember to click on the links for more information.

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Farmhousestyling & Wire Baskets Pt 3

Wire Baskets Pt 3

Welcome to Farmhousestyling & Wire Baskets Pt 3. I hope my advice and tips left you with some great ideas on how to use Wire Baskets in your home, there are so many different ways you can use wire baskets for arranging your decor and storage solutions. This week we are looking at the following rooms and once again I will be sharing some great pictures and bargins from Amazon.


Playroom/family Room

Linen Cupboard 


The Playroom/Family Room – I think most parents can agree that this room at times resembles a disaster zone. Now I’m not saying by using wire baskets that this room will always be tidy, as kids are kids and I’m sure the room will be chaotic at times and you will still want to pull out your hair.

What I am saying is by using Wire Baskets in the Playroom/family room it will become more organised and manageable. By putting the kids larger toys into larger wire baskets the toys will be visible for the children to see what they are looking for. A wall of wire baskets is great to have all their toys in the one spot, easy for locating and to free up space.


You can use wire baskets for their Lego by either lining the wire baskets in fun fabric or by using a wire basket that is mesh, so the Lego pieces won’t fall through the Wire Baskets, by hanging them on the wall will also be a fun and colourful way to display their Lego and should make cleaning up a bit easier when they can see where the Lego goes, you can have a basket for each colour, this will be a great visual for the smaller children to help them learn their colours.

If you have an art & craft/painting station for the children, Wire Baskets are great to house all their art and craft supplies, use the large flat wire baskets for all their painting, scrapbooks and colouring books they will be neat and tidy and easy access. You can use many different shapes and sizes and you can spray paint them, I sprayed mine different colours to much the colours of the coloured pencils, crayons and chalk etc, you can hang the Wire Baskets on a rod and attach the rod on the wall above there craft station, this will also add a nice colour display, use the wire baskets for paint brushes, rubbers, scissors all the little bits and pieces they have for their art and crafts.

You can also put Wire Baskets on the walls for all their teddy bears, dolls, cars etc.

Use wire baskets in a reading corner,  their books will be kept tidy in the Wire Baskets, place a rug, bean bags or comfy chairs, build them a bench seat with comfy cushions and add anther storage area underneath with wire baskets this is great for excess books. Put all those pillows, cushions, throws into a wire basket, easier for kids to grab a blanket and you don’t have worry about stuffing them back into the cupboard.

Put wheels on larger Wire Baskets, to make it easy for the kids and yourself to get out of storage and putting it back. You can put their yard toys in a wire baskets with wheels so it can be moved around the yard, nail wire baskets to the fence where their sandpit is, great for their sand pit toys and when it rains the toys will get wet and the water will just run straight through. Hang Wire Baskets in the cubby house to put all their accessories in. There are so many ways you can use wire baskets for storage in the play/family room and for their outdoor toys.

The Linen Cupboard – Hands up to those who dread going to the linen cupboard, I have mine up. This is proberly the last place people think of giving an overhaul especially with Wire Baskets, I know it was with me, we tend to just shove the linen in an quickly close the door yep that was me and I’m a confessed neat freak obsessed with everything being organised, my linen cupboard was my dark little secret until I discovered wire baskets and now I love love love my linen cupboard.

By using Wire Baskets in your linen cupboard you will make your life just a tiny bit easier, you will be able to see all your linen and it will be packed nice and neat in the wire baskets. Put all your ironing needs into a wire baskets pull the basket out and carry it to your ironing board, just slide your wire basket out and slide it back in easy and simple.

If you have a small linen cupboard, use the Wire Baskets on shelves in your bathroom to store towels, washes etc, put your excess supplies into wire baskets this makes it easy to see how much you have left and when you need to buy more, supplies such as toilet paper, sponges etc. Your linen will be much more accessible and so organised.

The Mudroom – Love mudrooms they make sense, whether at the back door or front door they are a great use of space. Why have an empty entry with a plant in the corner or table and mirror, why not make a statement let people see that your mudroom is meant to be there and this will give your guest the first glimpse of your farmhouse style.

Wire Baskets are great to use in the mudroom, you can store them under the bench seat for shoes and bags, above the bench seat for extra storage, if you have a cupboard or open shelving on each end of your bench seat put Wire Baskets into these spaces, slide them out the slide them back in. How about a hanging office with wire baskets in your mudroom to house your bills, notes to each other, your mail, your to do list, shopping list, grab it as you walk out the door.

Free up clutter and be organised with Farmhousestyling & Wire Baskets.

Click on any Amazons ad links for further information or purchase.

I hope you are enjoying my articles on Farmhousestyling & Wire Baskets, next week will be the final week and we will be discussing kids bedrooms and how to arrange decor in wire baskets and what other ways you can use wire baskets.

All these beautiful photos curtesy of Pinterest

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Farmhousestyling & Blank Walls

Blank Walls

This week at  farmhousestyling  we will be looking at your blank wall. Have you got a wall in your home that you don’t know what to do with.  You can make this blank wall into a blank canvas into a masterpiece.

Which wall in your home do you choose, this is a good question and the answer is simple, any blank wall in your home that looks lonely, boring, unattractive to look at, this wall could be above your lounge chair or above your bed, in your entry way, near your back door, plain and tired hallway, your staircase that only has hand prints all over it from people using the wall as another rail, that blank space at the end of your stairs, that non existing wall at the end of the hallway, what about the boring wall in your laundry above the washer and dryer or the empty wall in your kitchen,  what about your comfy corner and favourite reading chair, how about giving the wall above your toilet some personality. Turn a negative wall into positive inspiration for your guests with your beautiful farmhousestyling designs.

Don’t limit your imagination, no matter what size or which wall you decide to use it will only compliment the rest of your home. In this article I  will be sharing many beautiful photos to give you more then enough ideas to start your blank wall, remember DIY will add a personal touch and make your design unique.

What to use on your wall – 

You can use different textures and materials for example use tin or wooden letters, different size picture frames, paint them different colours, leave the frames blank, you can also put fabric into the frames or fill them with beautiful photos, you can put letters, numbers in the frames, you can use a combination of all the above.

Arrows, stars, hat hooks, tin hearts, canvases you buy in the dollar stores are great to decorate with fabric, wall paper, paint, get your kids art creations and put them on the wall as well, decor stickers are another way to add to your space, these come in many forms, the family tree is one, place this on a wall then display photos of your family around the tree to share your history.

Large or small iron keys, different shaped mirrors for some glamour, use a console table in your entryway to display family photos and above it add a large clock  a timber animal head, dried flowers, other items to consider are ceiling roses, find 2 different types and paint them and add them to your blank wall, wrought iron pieces will add that rustic industrial  farmhousestyle add a few different baskets to your wall.

Adding a quote to your wall, you can find these online or in stores, they are easy to use, place them straight on the wall or put them on a piece or timber or flat tin this will make your quote stand out. Add shelves to your space and by placing family photos in them you will be letting others share in your family’s happiness.

Hang a rail across your wall and then by using string or ribbon hang photos from it at different lengths. Large numbers on the wall look great. Cut out timber words like live, hope, friends, happiness, gather, love, family will bring warmth and be inviting to your family and friends.


Wire Baskets filled with dried or fresh lavender will give your home a beautiful aroma, wreaths on the wall will look stunning, put words or letters into a blank frame or put your quote or favourite word into a blank frame this will make it stand out on your wall. A wire bird cage will add elegance. Paint or decorate a simply piece of timber to add your own masterpiece.

That saying that pictures speak a thousand words, imagine walking up your stairs case filled with beautiful memories and as guests move along your hallway they will have a history lesson and share in your family’s memories. How about a wall filled with all your travel adventures to enjoy with family and friends.

That blank wall in your kitchen or as you walk in the back door, just don’t add pictures, why not make it into a functional work space on the wall for your mail, bills, accounts, notes, pens etc, how nice would this look when you add some decor item and photos. Use a vintage coat hanger and hang photos, drawings, leaves what ever you like.

What are your interests and hobbies or what sport do you love, add an old camera, or baseball and bat, a guitar, music sheets, old glasses, even hats,  what ever your passion is, it will certainly make your house a home.

How to hang your pieces

Plan ahead, so you have found all your pieces make sure you have enough space on the wall to hang all your pieces and or photos, you don’t want them to be crammed in together this will look confusing and cluttered.

Run a tape measure from floor to ceiling so that your pieces are at eye level, you will need someone to mark the spot for you, stand back from your wall about 1 to 2 feet, this should give you your eye level.

Always measure twice, so you only have to nail, screw, stick once. Use paper and cut out the sizes of your pieces and tape the paper to the wall this is an easy way to see what your wall will look like before your start putting holes in your wall, your pieces should fit like puzzle pieces.

Always use the correct hardware e.g brackets, picture hooks, rails, if some of your pieces are heavy make sure you use the right weight ratio hardware, always read the labels and instructions. Make sure you wipe and remove all scuff marks and finger prints and make sure your surface is clean before placing anything on your wall.

If you have any handy tips on how to hang your pieces we would grateful for your advice. Send in a photo of your beautiful wall to share.

Next week I will be posting some great ideas for your wall from Amazon and great prices, be sure to keep an eye out for my next article.

All these beautiful photos are curtesy of Pinterest.

yours in Styling


Farmhousestyling & Amazon Wire Baskets

Amazons Wire Baskets

Over the past few weeks I have been discussing farmhousestyling & Wire Baskets how you can use them through out your home for decor and storage. I’m going to be giving you great deals direct from Amazon they have wire baskets galore, for your table, shelves, floor and walls and much more.

Wire Basket are a practical way for visual storage, it is so much easier to see what you are looking for rather then rummaging through and then having to repack it all away.

A great place to use wire baskets is in your pantry, place all those loose packets in a wire basket, kids snacks, fruit & veggies, biscuits, your cooking items, the list is endless and your pantry will not only look great but will be organised.  Use wire baskets in your kitchen, hang them on the wall for your utensils to give you more space on the counter. The Bathroom is another place to use wire baskets, also great to put on the wall for your hair accessories and beauty needs, above the toilet for extra storage.

Wire baskets in your linen closet make for easy access and great for organising, use them in your mudrooms, great in kids playrooms, office, craft/sewing rooms and the laundry.

Feel free to click on any of the Amazon product links for more information or purchase, I’m sure you are going to love what Amazon has to offer on their Wire Basket range.

feel free to leave a comment or send me a photo on how you use your wire baskets and I will be more then happy to post it on my site and on my Facebook page.

yours in Styling

Farmhousestyling & Wealthy Affiliate


What can I say about Wealthy Affiliate, that they gave me the chance to share my story about my passion for farmhouse styling.

I knew nothing about running an online business and had very basic internet experience, I was a bit doubtful at first, I thought how are they going to teach me everything I need to know when we aren’t even in the same country, I thought this isn’t possible and it wouldn’t work.

From the moment I signed in it was like I moved to a different neighbor hood the community here at Wealthy Affiliate is just unbelievable, I can’t tell you how many people greeted me, all the messages I received, I can’t explain it except for the words WOW, AMAZING and is this for REAL.

The learning program here is just as amazing as the community, for me a beginner it did look daunting, I was unsure about not having the knowledge to even proceed, this was all very new to me. Wealthy Affiliate was with me every step of the way and they still are, if I was unsure about anything all I had to do was type in my question and the community would be right onto it or you can ask the 24/7 support team, there is help everywhere at Wealthy Affiliate. I still and always will ask this great community for help.

Since my time here, I have learnt how to build my own website, and how to write engaging content, how to organise not only my site but my life in such a great way, I set aside time each day for my business on line, working with Wealthy Affiliate has taught me how to prioritise my time, which has now left me with more time to spend with my family and since we are building our home I  have more time collaborating with the trades that I need, I’m less stressful in my life and all because I have learnt time management, I no longer feel I am running around in circles and achieving nothing with my day, it’s the exact opposite, I even have days with hours still left in it, I got to be happy with that.

Im not saying it’s an easy road at Wealthy Affiliate but they are there no matter what you are going through and learning everything from the ground up gives you a great sense of accomplishment and pride, which everyone needs.

My site is up and running I don’t expect to make  money over night, running an online business takes time and you want to get everything right the first time. The classes for training are not long and boring, the classes truly make sense about what you are learning. There are no up sells, you move along at your own pace, there’s no one pushing you to hurry up.  If you rush through the training you will miss all the valuable points that you need.

I now know why some people are very successful and others are not, it’s called patience and as the saying goes practice makes perfect, you have to commit time in being successful and when the time is right you will see that everything you have learnt here at Wealthy Affiliate will fall into place.

Have a look for yourself, you are under no obligation to join, leave your credit card in your back pocket, I think you are going to be pleasantly surprised.

I say thank you Wealthy Affiliate for making a difference.

yours in styling

Farmhousestyling & Wire Basket Pt 2

Farmhousestyling & Wire Baskets Pt 2

Vintage Farmhouse / Antique Green Wire Bin Baskets, Set Of 3 – $19.95

from: Decor Steals


welcome back to farmhousestyling I hope you all had a great weekend, I know I did I spent it with 2 of my beautiful grandchildren. I also hope you enjoyed my last post on Farmhousestlye & Wire Baskets Pt 1.

Vintage Farmhouse / Wire Lunch Box Baskets, Set Of 2 – $25.50

from: Decor Steals

This week I will be showing you practical and easy ways to use wire baskets in the following rooms




I will be giving you more great deals on wire baskets  from DECOR STEALS not only do they have great wire baskets, they also have a great selection on all your farmhouse decor, be sure to click on their add link for more information or purchase.

  Not only are Wire Baskets for storing, they are also very eye catching and beautiful, wire baskets are not to just for collecting eggs in or used for trash cans, they have come a long way and feature in many homes as a beautiful way to display many items and using wire baskets as great visual storage.

THE OFFICE – Get your office into shape and organised with beautiful wire baskets. Put them on the wall to store daily office supplies, store files, use them for your in and out trays, not only are Wire Baskets useful in the office, they will look stunning.

How about a wall of baskets to house all your office needs at your fingertips and easy to see and grab, having wire baskets grouped together will look amazing It will become a piece of visual art in your office. Smaller wire baskets are great for all those smaller items in your office, paper clips, tape, pens, staples, rulers and so on.

If you don’t have an office don’t stress, wire baskets hanging on the wall at the end of a cupboard will make a great space for your office needs, in and out mail, bills and other office supplies it will look neat and organised and your friends will love what you have created and will want one themselves. Doing this in or near your mudroom so you can see your hanging office when you leave and enter your home.

SEWING/CRAFT ROOM – These spaces can become quite messy and stressful at times especially if you don’t have enough storage, you have to dig around in the draws to find what you are looking for, pull stuff out then reorganise it all over again. I can show you a much better and simple way to store your Sewing/craft room supplies in wire baskets.

How would you love a whole bank of wire baskets in the one spot to store your fabrics, cottons, buttons, ribbons, needles, strings, glues, paper, art pens and many many more supplies you have. By using wire baskets above the work space/bench you will have easy access to your paint brushes, rollers, scrap booking items, scissors and more. All your art supplies will come alive and give your room a boost of colour and your friends will be impressed. There are many types and styles of wire baskets out in the market place I’m sure you will find what you are looking for, have a plan of action before hand and a budget draw mud map of where you are putting the baskets and what sizes you will need, this will save you time and money, in the end you will have a well organised room that looks sensational.

THE LAUNDRY – Use wire baskets to seperate colours, your kids and hubby will find it easier to see what item goes in what basket, use them under and above your laundry sink to keep your bench free of clutter, wire baskets look great above the sink, you can use these for laundry supplies and add a few decor items, have different size baskets on the wall, make your laundry beautiful like the rest of your home. Wire Baskets in the cupboard make for easy access.

If you don’t have a laundry room, if it’s hides behind slidding doors or barn doors like my laundry will be when it’s finished, I personally love this idea I feel laundry room space can be better utilise else where in the home (personal opinion) my laundry room will be compact behind 2 barn doors, washer dryer, bench and sink, wire baskets above the bench/sink and under the sink and large tall Wire Basket under the bench.

Whether you have a laundry room or a hidden laundry wire baskets will solve many storage problems while looking good.

Hope you have enjoyed my ideas and thoughts on Farmhousestyling & Wire Baskets Pt 2.

Wire Baskets are truly great for storage and displaying your decor. Next week we will be looking at Farmhousestyling & Wire Baskets Pt 3 The playroom, Linen cupboard and Mudrooms. Don’t forget to check out DECOR STEALS by clicking on their add link.

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{Get Organized} Farmhouse Round Wire Baskets, Set Of 2 – $21.50

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